Brenton Spencer

A Navy brat, Brenton is a direct descendant of the first Highland Scots to arrive in North America.  On their way to The Carolinas they met a hurricane in the Gulf of St Lawrence and were shipwrecked off of Prince Edward Island in 1770.

Brenton was accepted into the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia based on a collection of his poetry.  Soon he transferred to the Theatre and Film Dept. where his cinematography helped garner Le Prix Andre Langois and the prestigious Norman McClaren Award for his student shoots.  After college the National Film Board of Canada hired him to shoot a series of filmed essays.  Brenton was soon working with the acclaimed Quebecois Director Claud Jutra, then onto Hollywood Studio productions, including First Blood, Never Cry Wolf, and The Changeling where he got his taste for horror-suspense.

Brenton worked as a news and sports photojournalist and as a documentarian with David Suzuki on The Nature of Things. He also was the cinematographer on the highly acclaimed comedy variety series SCTV.

Moving up through the industry (and still writing) Brenton was soon first cameraman on network TV and feature films.  He built a resume of action and special effect cinematography.  Directing was the next step with his first feature, the teenage-cult-classic Blown Away. Soon commercials and music videos followed .The “Moist “ video won top Alternative Music awards and nomination for the Juneau (Canadian Grammy) and inclusion in the top ten music video all time lists.  Brenton has directed feature films in the horror-suspense genre and action-horror-sci TV (including The Crow, Outer Limits, and Stargate: Atlantis) and the pilot for Sci-Fi’s First Wave*. Brenton has a MFA in theatre and creative writing from UBC and is a member of the CSC and past president of International Photographers of the IATSE Local 669 *please see IMDB for a more complete list of credits